I craft digital products for a living.

starter kit

Mono is the anti-smartphone. A smartphone rings and vibrates to catch your attention. Mono is silent. A smartphone receives messages from multiple sources: friends, family, media, banks, delivery services,... Mono receives messages only from a single predetermined source. A smartphone is bidirectional, you can respond to the message you receive. Mono is "read only". A smartphone archives all your messages. Mono keeps only the last message.
So why would you want mono? Because mono is a gift you offer to the person you cherish most. It's a token of your intimate relation. It's something exclusive. And also because each message will remain on mono forever, until a new one is sent.

Metaflore, on the other hand, explores how these technologies could be "naturalized" as in "letting doubt and personal interpretation be a full part of the whole process".

Rather than giving a rationalized feedback through chart based dashboards, it explores a subtle and symbolic reflexive interface, keeping an open window for subjective interpretation. This is achieved by hacking the feedback loop with a living organism: lichen. Metaflore is an interface, an organic dashboard, of our affects.

how it works

Mono's texture is like sea glass. Its contact is soft and somewhat addictive. Turned down, mono charges its battery with Graetzel colored solar cells. It is totally autonomous, it doesn't need to be plugged. Ever.
When lift up, mono will check for a new message and eventually replace the existing one. It will also notify you that the person you offered mono to is thinking about, right now. Maybe it's the right time to share him/her a ♥ haïku

Metaflore receives this real-time data stream of your emotions and sprays mist accordingdly on lichen.

Lichen is a composite organism, part fungus, part algae with a very long lifespan. Its most interesting property is its reviviscence which allows lichen to adapt to alternating periods of desiccation and hydration. Following hydration, respiration totally recovered within seconds and photosynthesis within minutes.

When your level of stress peaks, it will block all humidification process during a certain amount of time. The lichen becomes pale and dry. As soon as you achieve a certain level of serenity, metaflore will start humidifying the lichen again, making it softer and greener. When you get back home, you can contemplate and touch metaflore to get an idea of the level of stress you where exposed to during the day.

It won't tell you what or who triggered your stress peak. It's just an invitation to reflect back on what happened on that particular day, who you met, what you did and how your body responded to those multiple events.

the design fiction

  • Characters: you and metaflore
  • Place: home
  • Main plot: during the day, the lichen is fed according to your emotional variations. You come back home from a long day out, take off your coat and check metaflore. What does it look like? How does it feel? What does this tells you about that person you met today? You pour yourself a glass of wine and look through the window. As your own reflection overlays the twilighting cityscape, you try to remember all those little details that moved, a little bit, your percepetion of people and the world...