2012 - 2014

Working in a design thinking innovation agency


I worked at InProcess as an innovation engineer/designer and contributed to several projects for clients of all sectors and sizes: Retail Reload, L' Alerteur (start ups), Ecofolio (non-profit), Orange, Carrefour, Hanesbrand, Pernod-Ricard, Krug (multinational) and Petit Meunier (family owned). My role was to help synthesize research outputs of the design research team to define key focus area with our clients and apply adequate ideation methods to come up with solutions to highlighted problems and opportunities.

What I did

InProcess is rarelly involved in the delivery stage as it doesn't fit well the agency's business model and team, composed of ethnographers and designers. Ethnographers are focused on field study and experts interview. Designers take the lead on the ideation and prototyping steps. In terms of offering, InProcess helped its client "design the right thing" (strategy) rather than "design the thing right" (execution).

if you're familiar with the design thinking methodology framed by the British Design Council as a double diamond, I worked mainly on the "Define" (synthesis) and "Develop" (ideation) steps

Most often, I started a project by helping out the researchers synthesize and formalize their discoveries into actionable insights and design probes. It's just like when you go for a hike 🏔: You cannot take your entire home 🏠. You need to be light ⛺️, focus on the essentials and bring the right tools. And most of all, you need a map 🗺.. I synthesized to remove excessive weight and formalized to map acutal problems and potential opportunities.

What I learned

(I need to finish up this section 😱)